Face Clay Cleanser

It's the best of both worlds with our face clay cleansers!

Our silky smooth whipped soap combined with the highest quality clay is like a magnet for skin debris! Our face clay cleanser will remove dirt, and oil from your pores leaving your skin healthy, bright and clean without drying out your skin or irritation. 



Lit- Sweet orange and spicy sriracha come together to ignite all your senses. A perfect way to start your day.

Mint Mojito- Great for both Men and Women, this vibrant refreshing mint cleanser will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Cleopatra- A divine & classy aroma of fresh off the vine grapes.

Blackberry Treat- A tantalizing treat of Black Raspberries and Vanilla beans.

Blueberry Muffin- Our fresh out of the oven smell of blueberries, graham crackers, vanilla & sugar will have your mouth watering, and keep you smelling delicious!

Coco Berry- Our delicious chocolate dipped strawberry aroma is packed with activated charcoal to help deep clean your pores, and smell delicious.

Caramel Apple- Our caramel apple whipped soap has a crisp and ripe apple aroma with the sweet & warm notes of caramel. 

Lemon Pound Cake-This tart lemon & fresh cake fragrance will leave your mouth watering before you even get it on your skin!

Horny-This cleanser has a mild and chill tropical scent with slight hints of mango, pineapple and just a splash of banana. 

Deeper-Spiced plum and deep amber will have you in the shower just a liiiiiiitttle bit longer this time.

Miami Blow-A fun, sexy cleanser that is vibrant and delights with fresh pineapple and smooth coconut.

Big Melons- This juicy watermelon scent will have you thinking summer is in full swing! With notes of watermelon, strawberry & cane sugar. 

Apple Jam- This beautiful blend of sweet apple and warm cinnamon will definitely be your jam.


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Alisha Henderson

Love the blackberry treat face clay cleanser. Amazing product and the smell is out of this world!!

Lisa Rearick
Absolutely LOVE the Face Clay Cleanser!!!

I have an extremely hard time using anything on my face BUT Explicit Luxury's Face Clay Cleanser is AMAZING!!! Just pick your favorite scent & I hope it works as FANTASTIC for you as it did for me. The BEST part is you don't need to use much. Thanks Tonya, just another 1 of your WONDERFUL products!!!

Justice diels
Kiss or death

Love this! For sure getting it again


Love the face clay cleanser

Nicole Weaver

So refreshing