Our Story

Hello! My name is Tonya :) I am the owner and operator of Xoxo Pearls. I have been in business for over a year and continue to grow. I started this company because I saw the direction this market was headed and I knew I had to dive right in and experience it from the other side of the screen. I saw the potential, I saw how this was reaching people on a personal level and I desperately wanted to be a part of it. It was a lot of work but I made this happen with the support of my amazing family.

​Is it possible to experience the awesome feelings you get participating in a LIVE pearl party, with quality entertainment AND beauty products? I think it is! As a customer, i noticed this was missing with so many pearl shows and companies. I will always strive to fine the best quality products at affordable prices.

​My dream is to provide for others, the same feeling I get from watching and participating in LIVE pearl shows on social media. I want to provide a service to you and that is to bring you joy and make you feel happy. What better way than with pearls, jewelry, High End Beauty products, FUN games and good people?

This business is my baby and my passion. I look forward to getting to know my customers live on Facebook in an intimate setting where you are my focus. My customers satisfaction is my number one priority. I sell nothing in my shop that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing. I quality check every item that leaves the company before it is shipped to you. I will not send you broken or bent jewelry like some pearl parties shows do. As my business grows I look forward to adding more and more quality pieces to list for sale to showcase our beautiful pearls.