The steps below will help guide you through the process of using our Ticket rewards system. You will see a step by step view of the process starting with creating an account all the way through completing a purchase using tickets.

Step 1

In the lower right corner of your screen click the yellow button with the tickets on it. This will always be the way to see and use your tickets.

Step 2

You will need to join our site and create an account to place orders, and to use the rewards ticket system. If you already created an account you will instead click the "Sign In" link (Blue circle in the sample below).

Step 3

Fill out your account information to create an account. Please use a unique password that is ONLY used for this site to ensure better security!

Step 4

Click the yellow button in the bottom right of your screen. After doing so, you should see a similar screen to the one below. You also get 5 tickets free for signing up!

Your UNUSED tickets will always be displayed in the areas circled in blue.  Once a ticket is converted to a discount code your total will be reduced by the amount you specified.

Step 5

Now you are ready to start using your tickets! From the main page click the "Ticket Shop" button. You can also click the menu in the top left corner and choose "Ticket Shop"

Step 6

Click on any section you want. Items are grouped by the total ticket cost for that item.

Step 7

Pick the items you want to purchase with tickets and add them to your cart. ONLY items from the Ticket Shop can be purchased using tickets. Please be sure to add ALL of the items you plan to purchase before proceeding to the next step.

Step 8

Once you add everything to your cart, look to see what the total is, you will need that number when selecting how many tickets to use for your discount code. One ticket equals one dollar for items in our ticket system. If you don't see a screen like below, click the Cart in the upper right corner to display it.

Step 9

Click on the yellow icon in the bottom right of your screen. Then once you see the page below click "Ways to redeem"

This is where you will use your tickets to generate your discount code.

Step 10

Click the View button on the right side.  

Step 11

This is the final step for redeeming your tickets!

Slide the slider to the desired amount of tickets you would like to redeem. This amount should match the total for your cart from Step 8. Tickets do NOT cover shipping or taxes. (Taxes are only collected for MD residents)

Once you click Redeem this is FINAL, tickets can not be put back. Once you click redeem it will generate a code for the amount you chose. Only 1 code can be used per order. It is vital that you choose the correct amount based on your cart total as explained in Step 8.

Notice the example says "40 Tickets for $40 off".  This matches my cart total from Step 8.  You just need to carefully match your own cart total.

Step 12

Your discount code should now be created!

You can click "Apply Code" and it will automatically be applied to your cart when you complete your checkout.

Tickets & Codes expire after 6 months. Codes are a one time use.
You will receive an email with the code, and it will also be available in the Ticket system.

Step 13

Now let's complete your purchase.

Click your cart in the upper right hand corner and choose "Checkout". 

You should see a page similar to the example below.  Pick the shipping method you would like to use.

Then, click "Show order summary".

Step 14

Notice the Subtotal should be $0.00 if you had enough tickets and followed the steps correctly.

Shipping and tax will be all you have left to pay. Shipping is based on the actual product weight and the shipping method you choose. This is why we don't charge shipping for the games, and only charge it when you spend your tickets.

If you are short on tickets to cover your entire product order you can choose to pay the difference in the cost using a standard payment method.

Also, please note that if you generated a code for MORE than the total value of your cart, the difference will NOT be refunded. So if you make a code for 100 tickets, but only spend 98, you WILL lose 2 tickets. Follow the steps in this guide and slide the slider carefully so this doesn't happen to you. 

Step 15

Now simply fill out your payment information to cover shipping (and taxes if you are in MD).

Once you do that hit "Pay Now" at the bottom of your screen and you are DONE!

We will ship your order in 1-2 business days in most cases, and you will receive a tracking number once we ship.