Before spending your Luxy Bucks, please scroll past Luxy Bucks sections to read the rules for how the Luxy Bucks system works. You must read the detailed step by step guide on how to spend your Luxy Bucks Click HERE to read.

1 Luxy Buck

5 Luxy Bucks

10 Luxy Bucks

15 Luxy Bucks

20 Luxy Bucks

25 Luxy Bucks

30 Luxy Bucks

40 Luxy Bucks

45 Luxy Bucks

50 Luxy Bucks

How Luxy Bucks work:

Luxy Bucks are earned from participating in our live game shows. You can also earn Luxy Bucks from our referral program and few other ways like product reviews.
After a live game show ends, Luxy Bucks will be reflected in your account within a few hours. For those that have been with us for a while please read below because things have changed a bit from what we have done in the past.

  • Luxy Bucks are valid for 6 months after they are earned.
  • Luxy Bucks can be built up from show to show, and no longer have to be spent right away. So feel free to spend them right away if you want, or to save them up for bigger purchases.
  • Luxy Bucks are ONLY valid to purchase items from the Luxy Bucks Shop.  If you add items found in the normal store sections, your codes that are generated from Luxy Bucks will not apply to those items.
  • Luxy Bucks do NOT cover shipping cost. ( Or taxes for those that live in MD. )
  • You do not have to have the exact amount of Luxy Bucks to cover your Luxy Bucks items purchase.  If you are a few Luxy Bucks short and don't want to wait for the next live show to earn more, you can simply pay the difference in the cost using a standard payment method.
  • Shipping is no longer included in the cost of the games or as a flat rate unless specified.
  • Shipping is now calculated based on product weight for your order.  You can also specify which shipping service and priority you would like at time of checkout. 
  • Shipping will not be combined for multiple orders.  When you are ready to use your Luxy Bucks be sure to add everything you want to your cart before you checkout.  Once you check out and pay shipping that is it, we won't add anything else to the box.
  • You MUST create an account on our site to purchase and to participate in the Luxy Bucks system.
  • Please read THIS GUIDE for step by step details of how you use the new Luxy Bucks system to spend your Luxy Bucks.