Saturday Morning - Tkt - WS




Our Fruit Loops inspired scent will have you teleported back to your childhood, on Saturday morning eating a huge bowl of cereal and watching cartoons in the early morning hours. 

- Aqua
- Glycerin
- Sorbitol
- Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate
- Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate
- Sodium Chloride
- Phenoxyethanol
- Tetrasodium Etidronate
- Colorant (in some)
- Fragrance Oil

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Omg completely amazing


Great kids scent. My little ones love having omg whip soaps like mama does. And it really smells like fruit loop!

Tiffany wilson
Loved it

I just loved this Saturday morning whipped I mean the saying is exactly what the tag says a bowl of cereal and I got out selling like a big bowl of fruit loops and I just loved it so now I use it on my son and he just thinks it's so silly and funny that when he gets out the bathtub he smells like a baseball the Fruit Loops which I think that is awesome because my son is an autistic child and we have trouble getting him in and out the bathtub and that just does the trick and get some in the bathtub easier I just need to know put a bit of Life on his little sponge and let him go and he plays he plays in it for a good is it wouldn't have been for that Saturday morning loves to my whipped soap drawing like Froot Loops we still are we having problems getting him into a bathtub that's why thank you all because what's going to be in very very sensitive and artistic it is very hard for him so get his ass he don't like water she don't like being in the water he don't like nothing about water but I was so proud he pushed it off the bathtub but then when I put on his sponge and and I guess once he gets the smell he wanted to do it himself ever since Mommy so Mommy so Mommy so that's all I get now on on the bed in the back or get ready to get in the bathroom we get out of the bed is like no son service but next time you will get it when you get in the bath he also has a speech issue so not only is he very sensitive autistic he has a speech impediment so is living through it and that's my little buddy I love him to death I know ain't nothing to happen to him I don't want him to get the boys when he gets in school I don't know that I love my little boy anyway so the lot him or anything like that cuz I will go ham over so I'm speaking ignorant of my special needs child but back to the Saturday morning so I love it I love it I love it five stars I love it five stars I love it five stars I love it 5 Stars 5 Stars by stars but the thing that sucks is I have three people pass in the matter of 4 weeks and all my savings went to them funerals funerals fences so I don't like living paycheck-to-paycheck again which I got myself out of once it will say it right now I was showing him but sunshine but I know that if I just want to thank you guys for your understanding and I'll be back in range sooner or later

Saturday Morning

I love this scent, amazing. Taking it to the beach vacation :)

Gabrielle Dulabhan

Love all that thangs